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ZNBC video of a recent visit by Minister of Mines to Maamba from 13-14th April, 2018 covering the CSR activitiesClick Here +

“Project Finance Deal of the Year” awarded by World FinanceClick Here +

The project finance transaction of Maamba Collieries Limited, a subsidiary of Nava Bharat (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (NBS), has been accorded the “Project Finance Deal of the Year 2016” award by World Finance which is a multi-platform Media Company with over twenty years of experience, specializing in print, digital media, broadcasting and events across key financial sectors.

World Finance has commended the support that the project has gained from Chinese Banks and the new standards it has set in Sub Saharan African project finance deals. Citations given highlight the inter-stakeholder relations of the sponsors, the replicable models which the deal sets, not only for future power projects in Zambia, but also for power projects in Sub Saharan Africa and the impact of the deal on Zambia’s regulatory and legal framework.

NBS attended the award presentation & video interview at The London Stock Exchange studios. World Finance has uploaded the video interview on their Youtube channel which can be accessed by clicking on this link -

A case study of the Project Finance Transaction has also been published by World Finance on their website as well as in the July-Aug 2016 edition of World Finance Magazine which can be accessed using this link -

Interview with “World Finance” on MCL’s Coal Fired Power Plant, MaambaClick Here +

Interview with “World Finance” on MCL’s Coal Fired Power Plant, Maamba
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NBS announces financial closure for integrated coal and power project of MCLClick Here +

Nava Bharat (Singapore) announces financial closure for integrated coal and power project of Maamba Collieries Limited

♦   The project, upon completion in 2016, will be the first coal-fired power plant in Zambia, backed by sponsors from Singapore and Zambia and funded by global financial institutions

♦   It is also the first private power project in the Sub-Saharan region to receive export credit agency cover from China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure)

Nava Bharat (Singapore), wholly-owned subsidiary of Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd, an Indian-listed business conglomerate, has announced financial closure for the fully integrated coal and power project of its subsidiary, Maamba Collieries Limited in Zambia.

The 300-megawatt coal-fired power project, fully integrated with captive coal mining, is estimated to cost about USD 828 million. The project has achieved 80 percent completion.

The project is unique in Zambia as it provides a dependable and sustainable base load power source, which is crucial to the country’s energy security and provides Maamba Collieries Limited with ready infrastructure to scale up in line with the growing demand for power not only in Zambia but in the entire Sub-Saharan region. This project has resulted in economic empowerment and growth in the under-developed Southern Province of Zambia.

“We are excited to be a part of this project in Zambia and this is a significant win for us as a Singapore-based company making inroads into Africa,” said Mr Ashwin Devineni, Managing Director, Nava Bharat (Singapore). “There is so much potential in the region and with our extensive experience and expertise in managing projects in the power, mining and agri-business sectors over Asia and Africa, we are confident that the integrated project will have a positive impact on Zambia as well as its neighbouring countries. The infrastructure being created under the ambit of present project affords it easy scalability in tune with growing demand for power in this region,” Mr Devineni said.

The project is being funded on a debt equity ratio of 70:30. Nava Bharat (Singapore) and ZCCM Investments Holdings Plc (representing the Government of Republic of Zambia) hold 65 percent and 35 percent equity stakes in Maamba Collieries Limited respectively. The long-term loans are being advanced by a consortium of lenders comprising development financial institutions and large international commercial banks on a limited recourse project finance basis. Development financial institutions include Development Bank of Southern Africa and Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa while commercial banks include Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Standard Chartered Bank and Absa Bank Limited. This is the first private power project in the Sub-Saharan region to receive export credit agency insurance cover from China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure). This combination makes it a unique and collaborative project in Africa, where the sponsors are from Singapore and Zambia, principal contractors are from China and is funded by financial institutions across the globe.

“Nava Bharat Ventures has been focusing on power business for the last two decades. The Zambian project investment is a right fit in our growth trajectory from synergy and integrated project perspectives. We are heartened by the participation of lenders across Africa and China, which truly vindicates our conviction in the techno-economic feasibility of the project,” Mr GRK Prasad, Executive Director, Nava Bharat Ventures said. “We remain committed to the highest standards of corporate governance for sustainable business that aims at generating long term value to all our shareholders and we will ensure that our operations benefit the local communities while having minimal impact on the environment,” he added.

Zambia is currently facing a power deficit of 560 megawatts and the imminent completion of the project would aid in bridging the current shortfall, while its prime location will help to facilitate export of power throughout the Southern African Power Pool, a cooperation of the national electricity companies in Southern Africa with a common power grid between their countries and a common market for electricity. This is critical as the demand for electricity is predicted to double by 2030 in the region. Sale of high grade coal by Maamba Collieries Limited to local major industries in Zambia including copper smelters, cement, breweries, steel as well as export to neighbouring countries, will provide an upside to the company.

“The project will help in widening the potential for power generation sources to meet the growing demand in Southern African region including Zambia. This project has therefore received the full support of the Government of Republic of Zambia since inception,” said Mr Venkat Shankar, CEO, Maamba Collieries Limited. “Reports show that Africa’s economy is expected to expand by 50 percent over the next five years and demand for power will also grow correspondingly. We are hopeful that this project will contribute to the needs of Zambia and the region,” he added.

Namphak Power Company Limited signed the Power Purchase Agreement with Electricité du LaosClick Here +

On 11th June 2015, Namphak Power Company Limited (NPCL) signed the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Electricité du Laos (EdL). NPCL was represented by the General Manager, Mr. Mohana Sundaram and EdL was represented by the Managing Director, Mr. Sisavath Thiravong. The PPA signed with EdL is for a period of 27 years on the Commercial Operation Date (COD) of the project.

Company executed the Concession Agreement (CA) with GOL on 2nd October 2014 for development of the project on build, operate and transfer (BOT) basis. Most of the environmental and other major approvals have been received or are in an advanced stage. The power generated from this project will benefit Lao PDR immensely. Apart from meeting the goal of Laos in becoming the “Power Hub of South-East Asia”, the project will also substantially contribute to the country’s economy in the form of job opportunities and increase GOL’s revenue through payment of taxes and royalties by NPCL. The provincial government will also benefit greatly through but not limited to the new extensive infrastructure development like roads and bridges, community development program, forest and environmental protection as well as many other CSR activities.

EPC Pre-bid Meetings and Site Visit in Champasak, Laos from 17-22 January 2015Click Here +

The bidders for Package EPC01 – Preparatory Works, Package EPC02 – Hydropower Works and Package EPC03 – Transmission Line Works attended the pre-bid meetings organized by Namphak Power Company Limited in Pakse, Champasak Province, Laos. NPCL team along with our consultant, Lahmeyer International India, briefed the bidders on project components and provided clarification to the bidders on their queries.

The bidders were taken to the proposed project components location such as Phou Pong Dam, Diversion weirs, Power House area, Paksong Substation, project access roads and also inspect the drilling cores stored at the site.

Namphak Power Company signs Concession AgreementClick Here +

The Government of Lao P.D.R. and Namphak Power Company Limited (NPCL) signed, on 2nd October 2014, the Concession Agreement (CA) to implement a run-of-the-river 150 MW Hydroelectric Power Project in Laos. Mr. Ashwin Devineni, Director of NPCL and Managing Director of Nava Bharat Lao Energy Pte. Ltd. which is a majority equity holder in NPCL, signed the CA on behalf of the company.

The project will be developed on Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) basis, with a concession period of 27 years after Commercial Operation Date. The construction period envisaged is 4 years.