Nava Bharat (Singapore) Pte. Ltd

Corporate Social Responsibility

NBS strongly believes in development of communities around its operations as a key factor for its sustainable growth. It follows a well-defined Community Development Programme aimed at addressing the needs of these communities.

The Company has established Maamba Development Trust to spearhead social and economic development in Maamba, Sinazongwe district, ZAMBIA as a whole and in other areas where Maamba Collieries Limited conducts its business, with particular emphasis on Health, Education and Livelihood development activities.

  • To create awareness and improve health standards
  • To support and improve existing health care facilities
  • Conducting medical camps and spreading awareness of malaria, cervical cancer, etc
  • Extending financial support for establishment of an eye care centre in Zambia
  • Providing clean drinking water

As part of MCL’s on-going CSR initiatives, the company has conducted a series of medical camps at Maamba and Sinakumbi and screened residents for malaria and cervical cancer. Those who tested positive were given suitable treatment or referred to near district hospital.

  • To promote education in rural areas and encourage higher education
  • Improving educational standards of Maamba Basic School
  • Providing logistic and economic support to the disadvantaged and deserving students
  • Extending support for education in Sinazongwe District
  • Vulnerable children studying in Maamba and other school dropouts in the community
  • To lend a helping hand to people by providing means of livelihood and empowerment through entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating establishment of dairy, cattle, goats and poultry units by vulnerable and poor women
  • Vocational training in welding and other trades.
  • Providing means of livelihood to disabled children
Sustainable Employment Creation
  • Fishing and fish farming: Supporting local communities in fishing by providing fishing rigs on lease and popularisation of cage fish farming, on the lake, through out-grower schemes.
  • Livestock development: Improving livestock by educating and providing training to locals for introduction of new genetic breeds through crossbreeding.
Infrastructural Facilities

MCL constructed a 32 km long Maamba- Masuku road and foot bridges in Maamba town. A 28 km long road from Maamba to Kariba Lake is under construction and a water reticulation system for the benefit of the local communities is under implementation by MCL.

Kariba Lake Road                                                                  Maamba Masuku Road
Foot Bridge

Maamba Collieries Limited (MCL) actively sponsors three major sports: Football, Boxing and Golf through Zamcoal Diggers Football Club, Maamba Boxing Club and Maamba Golf Club under the auspices of Maamba Development Trust (MDT) established to take care of non-core functions of the Company.

MCL has upgraded the Golf Club House at Maamba to provide recreation facilities to MCL employees and the community. It houses a bar, a restaurant, a gymnasium, pool tables and table tennis court.

Zamcoal Diggers Football Team